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Easy Step-By-Step Guide to Make Shatter !

What is Shatter?
Shatter is a specific type of marijuana extract. It’s clear and glasslike, usually with a brownish or amber color. Unsurprisingly, shatter derives its name from the fact that it’s a rigid concentrate that can break or shatter like glass. It’s a highly valuable extract, given the lengths necessary to produce it properly. You shouldn’t be surprised to find that shatters are often the priciest cannabis concentrates being sold at your local dispensary.

How to use Shatter?
So how do you use shatter? By and large, shatter can be used with a specific type of water pipe called a “dab rig.” Dab rigs look very similar to normal bongs or water pipes, but instead of a glass bowl used to smoke flower, they include a flat bowl called a “nail.”

The process of dabbing shatter is no different than any other extract. The dab nail must first be flash heated with a butane torch, and then allowed to cool. The extract is then applied to the cooled, but still-hot nail, causing it to vaporize.

Dabbing shatter can be a little tricky for those with little experience doing so. You may find that you need some practice to cool the nail to the proper, sweet spot temperature. Nevertheless, after a few rounds of trial and error, you’re bound to find the sweet spot on your particular dab rig.

How Potent is Shatter?
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Of all the cannabis extracts, shatter can be one of the highest in its THC potency. Typically, marijuana extracts’ concentration of THC (the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana) can tend to fall in the 40-80% range. Shatter frequently resides on the higher end of the spectrum, with most containing 60-80% THC.

In fact, the actual consistency of the shatter reflects the extract’s particular potency and cannabinoid profile. You see, shatter can come in a few different consistencies, ranging from a highly rigid and glass-like texture that will break and shatter to a more bendable and pliable consistency similar to that of saltwater taffy. The more potent the shatter, the more glasslike its consistency will be.

How To Make Shatter At Home
1) How To Make Shatter With Bud

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1) Your favorite strain of ganja
2) Flat iron (one with a digital temperature display works best)
3) Parchment paper
4) Towel or potholder (puns are fun!)
5) Razorblade or dab tool

1) Separate out about 2 grams of ganja.
2) Break that bud into four pieces (roughly a ½ gram each).
3) Heat the flat iron to between 300℉ and 330℉. Too hot and you’ll burn off a large portion of the chemicals you’re trying to extract. Too cool and you won’t get enough of the chemicals you’re trying to extract.
4) Tear off a piece of parchment paper about 12 inches long.
5) Fold the parchment paper in half (so you have two six-inch sections).
6) Place ½ gram of bud between the parchment paper.
7) Fold the open edges closed just to be safe.
8) When the flat iron is hot enough, place the parchment paper between the blades.
9) Press the flat iron together hard for three seconds (be sure to put a potholder or towel between your hand and the hot iron so you don’t burn yourself).
10) Remove the parchment paper.
11) Unfold the paper.
12) You’ll see a brownish stain surrounding the bud. That’s liquid shatter.
13) Move the bud to another spot and press again for 3 seconds.
14) Move the bud one more time (if there’s room) and press for another 3 seconds.
15) Set the flat iron aside and wait a minute for the shatter to cool completely.
16) Unfold the parchment paper and collect the shatter with the razor blade or dab tool (Be careful! It’s fragile.).

How to make Shatter From Kief
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Here’s how to do it.

1) Kief
2) Iron
3) Parchment paper (NOT wax paper)
4) Hand towel or t-shirt

1) Turn on the iron to the lowest setting (no steam).
2) Pour the kief in a pile on the top half of the parchment paper.
3) Spread out the pile of kief until you have a layer roughly a quarter-of-an-inch thick.
4) Fold the bottom half of the parchment paper over the top half so it covers the kief.
5) You can even fold the parchment several more times to create a little packet.
6) Place the parchment paper on an iron-ready surface (something that won’t melt or burn like an ironing board).
7) Place the hand towel or t-shirt over the parchment paper.
8) Apply pressure with the hot iron for three or four seconds (no more or you’ll burn the kief).
9) Remove the iron for another three or four seconds.
10) Repeat this process — three or four seconds on, three or four seconds off — twenty times, flipping the parchment paper every two. (Ten rounds of on, off, on, off, flip)
11) Peel the parchment paper back to check your progress.
12) If it needs more heat and pressure, continue with steps eight and nine above.
13) If it looks good, turn the iron off and let the shatter cool before handling.

If you don’t have an iron, but, for some reason, you do have a hair straightener, you can use that as your source of heat instead.

Just be sure to abide by steps eight and nine in the instructions above so you don’t burn your kief and destroy your shatter.

To Make Shatter: Quality And Purity Are Key
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One of the many nice things about learning how to make shatter at home is that you can use any strain you like.

You can use a high THC strain. You can use a high CBD strain. You can even use a landrace strain.

It doesn’t really matter to your shatter. What does matter is the quality and the purity of the strain you choose. Those are key.

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