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How to make Cannabis Edibles ?

What are marijuana edibles?

Edibles, made with marijuana leaves or higher potency cannabis extracts, are a popular, less-detectable alternative to smoking marijuana. They may look like common baked goods, candies, and beverages, and are often designed in a way that appeals to youth. You can get them as cookies, brownies, tea, and even hot sauce. When you make your own at home, you can choose how potent you want them to be.

Marijuana Desserts
When you think of baking with marijuana, one of the first things that comes to mind might be a brownie. There is a reason that cannabis brownies are so popular. The chocolate, rich taste can often hide the unpleasant taste of the ingredients. You can use a recipe to make them from scratch, find a box mix, or even buy them at a store. Use cannabis-infused butter or oil for the brownies.

Peanut Butter Cookies
This is another classic baked good that you can infuse with cannabis. It is simple because it only has peanut butter, flour, sugar, cannabutter, and eggs. Of course, you can also add some ingredients of your choice to any cookies that you make. For example, you could make a salty and sweet version by adding some bacon bits to them.

You might be surprised to learn that it is fairly easy to make your own gummies at home. If you do not like baked goods or you want something that is easy to transport while you are on the go, you can make some homemade gummies yourself.

How to make Cannabis Gummies
You can find a basic recipe to get started and add a cannabis tincture to it. The gelatin and creamed honey are what make the gummies sturdy enough. You should also look for some moulds that you can use to drop the mixture in while it sets.

An eyedropper can be helpful for placing the mixture in each of the moulds neatly. It is easy to change up the recipe to make your preferred shape and flavour.
cannabis gummies

How to make marijuana tea
There are a few possible methods of making some cannabis-infused tea. If you use the dried flower to infuse some hot water, you will likely end up with a weak tea. However, if you want to have a mellow tea with a low dosage, it is one option.

You can also brew up your favourite herbal tea and then add some cannabis-infused honey or a tincture to have a more potent drink. If you like lattes, you can add some cannabutter or marijuana coconut oil to get a richer, smoother taste.

Wrapping Up
Making cannabis infused gummy bears and other gummy snacks at home isn’t that difficult at all, and we hope our guide has given you a good starting point on making tasty gummy treats right in your own kitchen.

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