Limitless Microdose Capsules


Limitless Microdose Capsules

18 Capsules Per Bottle

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“Our Recipe Following Paul Stamets Capsules”

18 Capsules per bottle:

125 MG Cubensis Psilocybin Mushrooms

100 MG Lions Mane

100 MG Vitamin B3

Cubensis Mushrooms – Cause of neuroplasticity (A firestorm of new synapses being made in the brain.)
Lions Mane – Enacts neurogenesis (Causes the growth of new brain cells and repairs damaged ones.)
Vitamin B3 – Promotes better Blood Flow through the Brain
The power of microdose has now evolved into an easy convenient pill. A regulated tasteless dose of “magic mushrooms” is now capable of expanding your mind and enhancing your life!

Warning: This product is capable of giving psychedelic trip and not intended to be used by anyone who is not medically fit or pregnant. Please use responsibly, thank you !

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