LimitlessXL Microdose Capsules


LimitlessXL Microdose Capsules

40 capsules per bottle

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LimitlessXL microdosing mushroom capsules for daily use.

“Our Recipe Following Paul Stamets Capsules”

40 Capsules per bottle:

125 MG Cubensis Psilocybin Mushrooms

100 MG Lions Mane

100 MG Vitamin B3

Cubensis Mushrooms – Cause of neuroplasticity (A firestorm of new synapses being made in the brain.)
Lions Mane – Enacts neurogenesis (Causes the growth of new brain cells and repairs damaged ones.)
Vitamin B3 – Promotes better Blood Flow through the Brain
The power of microdosing mushrooms has now evolved into an easy convenient pill. A regulated tasteless dose of “magic mushrooms” is now capable of expanding your mind and enhancing your life! Perfect for those last minute study sessions; improving retention, while facilitating unmatched levels of concentration. Find instant relief from anxiety, depression, brain fog, while increasing creativity, production and memory– leaving you feeling limitless.

We recommend taking one pill daily for 5 days, followed by 2 days off.

Warning: This product is capable of giving psychedelic trip and not intended to be used by anyone who is not medically fit or pregnant. Please use responsibly, thank you !

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