Mary’s Indica West Coast Teddies Extra Strength THC (55mg) (Indica)

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Cannabinoid content (whole pkg)
55mg THC 1.36mg CBD 1.35mg CBN

Always start with a small portion (eg. 1/4 of a package) in order to determine your tolerance level.

Ingredients: Sugar, Gelatin, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Citric Acid, Cannabis Indica

Store at room temperature for up to three months, or refrigerate for up to 1 year.

Mary’s Medibles are lab tested & patient approved.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Mary’s Indica West Coast Teddies Extra Strength THC (55mg) (Indica)

  1. msi91

    Wasn’t sure what to expect since the last time I had edible it was this 150mg Mary Jane brand chocolate almonds and it wasn’t strong at all and I had to think to myself if I felt anything.

    That being said, this was the opposite, a measly 55mg had me feeling something fairly quick and it lasted a good while and the buzz was nice and calming, even though it’s indica, I took it when I went out with a group of friends to watch some fights and the buzz was great. I definitely would have loved to have two of these but this alone felt fairly strong so next time I might just order the triple strength one whenever I have to go to an event.

    Great value and surprisingly strong. Two thumbs up from me.

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