Mary’s THC High Dose Oil (1500ml)

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Cannabiniod content (per bottle):
1500mg TCH
37.1mg CBD
36.81mg CBN

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50 ml. Lab Tested. Each 1ml contains 30mg of THC.

Cannabiniod content (per bottle):
1500mg THC
37.1mg CBD
36.81mg CBN

Ingredients: Cannabis indica extract, Grapeseed Oil

Important information on dosing: Edibles affect everyone differently. Recommended beginner dose is 5-10mg THC. Depending on your size, metabolic rate and tolerance it may take 1-2 hours to start feeling the effects, so wait at least 60-90 minutes before increasing your dosage. Your tolerance will increase over time. This product may impair motor skills and may cause dizziness.

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1 review for Mary’s THC High Dose Oil (1500ml)

  1. Distendo (verified owner)

    Very effective. Different batch to the last High Dose I had, and I think better. I am high tolerance for both smoking and ingesting, 3 mls has me well buzzed for 3-4 hours. Great value.

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